Maritime Studies (Maritime Management)

Maritime Studies (Maritime Management) - Bachelor Degree
Skills and Interests

You have a background in a maritime-related field and want an in-depth understanding of best practices in maritime industries.

Work Environment

On board ships and onshore in marine-related sectors.

Program Location:

Available online with selected courses available on campus

Program Length:

39 credit hours completed on a full-time or part-time basis


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Application Deadline:

Fall Admission:  June 30 (Official transcripts due July 15)
Winter Admission: Oct 15 (Official transcripts due Oct 30)
Spring Admission: March 15 (Official transcripts due March 30)

Program Description

In the program you’ll look at the impact of human resources, economics, marketing and quality management on today’s marine industry.

This is a unique, professional degree that provides you with an exposure to the business, as well as the marine and technology management concepts necessary to ensure your success in it.

Program Structure

This program consists of 13 courses (39 credit hours). It can be completed on a part time basis and is offered online with select courses available on campus.

Students can complete the program in one academic year.


Graduation from an accredited or Transport Canada-approved diploma of technology program in the marine field; the program is also available to deck and engineering officers with appropriate professional certification: Fishing Masters Class I, as well as to Canadian Forces (Naval Operations) personnel.

*Note: International applicants holding appropriate credentials may also be admitted to the program. To apply, you must submit an application and supporting documentation to Memorial University.