MSTM 410A/B Technical Project and Report


Note: To register for MSTM 410A/410B go to: and select the appropriate term.

Note 2: Be aware that MSTM 410A and 410B were previously known as MSTM 4100 and 4200, respectively. These course have been renumbered and are now linked as MSTM 410A (formally MSTM 4100) and MSTM 410B (formally MSTM 4200). See MUN Regulation 6.8.4. Both components must now be completed within three semesters.

For those students who have already completed MSTM 4100, MSTM 4200 will be made available in the 2014 Fall and 2015 Winter semesters. If you are unable to complete MSTM 4200 in either of the above noted semesters, or if you have any other questions regarding this change, please contact Leah Trahey (Coordinator of Advanced Programs).

Course Overview

MSTM 410A/B is completed over two semesters and must be completed within three consecutive semesters. Students will normally register for MSTM 410A the semester prior to the one in which they expect to complete MSTM 410B.

Under the guidance of the Course Facilitator and the Project Supervisor, MSTM 410A will provide the opportunity for a student to identify a research topic in a specialty area and to develop a concept and proposal for a project to be carried out and reported on through MSTM 410B. The student's research topic must be approved by the Approval Committee, which will also conduct an evaluation of the student's concept as submitted.

MSTM 410A/B Technical Project and Report is the capstone project for the Bachelor of Technology and the Bachelor of Maritime Studies Degrees. As such, it should incorporate the all the skills learned in the disciplines studied in the degree.

MSTM 410A/B is fundamentally a technology management and assessment project. It is not a pure application of technology, for instance, as would be seen in a technology diploma or an engineering or computer science degree. It is intended to be an intensive, active learning project, requiring significant effort in its planning and implementation, as well as in the preparation of a substantial final written work product. The project must lead to a final, specific deliverable, which will be either:

  • a set of recommendations to improve a clearly defined problem based on a comparative analysis or feasibility study, or
  • a set of recommendations, as above, and one of the following:
    • a new design or model
    • a technological advance (ship design, computer program, etc.)
    • a set of protocols or standards
    • a new procedure
    • a manual, guide/handbook, etc.

MSTM 410A/410B will enhance time management, critical thinking, project management, problem solving, and reading/writing skills as related to the research process. The course is designed to encourage independent study. It is a practical course, providing students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills from their technical specialty area, and from courses in the Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Maritime Studies Programs, to the identification and resolution of a problem. Students must assume responsibility for developing a project concept, managing the approved project, and fully documenting and reporting their findings.

First Semester: MSTM 410A

During the first semester, students complete MSTM 410A (0 credit hours, due to the linked nature of MSTM 410A/B). For approval of a Project, interested students must first identify an area of interest and a suitable Project Supervisor in that area. Together, the student and Supervisor devise a Project Concept Paper, which is submitted through the Course Facilitator to the Concept Paper Approval Committee for review and feedback. At the end of this course they will have completed and received approval for a project concept and will have submitted a project proposal.

Second Semester: MSTM 410B

Please note that MSTM 410A is a pre-requisite for MSTM 410B. When registered for MSTM 410B (3 credit hours) during the second semester, students complete their approved 410A project, develop a report on it, and submit it for external examination independent examination.