Approval Committee Role

Roles and Responsibilities - The Approval Committee

The Approval Committee is formed of the Chair of the BTech program and the Coordinator of Programs from each of the three Marine Institute Schools (School of Fisheries, School of Maritime Studies, School of Ocean Technology). This committee consults, as needed, with all Marine Institute faculty.

The committee determines whether to Approve, Reject with Resubmission, or Reject (Unsuitable) the Concept Paper prepared as part of MSTM 410A. If a Concept Paper is rejected, the student will be required to resubmit either a revised or completely new Concept Paper within one week from time of notification. A student cannot progress within the course without approval of the project concept by the Approval Committee. Feedback from the Approval Committee will be relayed to students by the Course Facilitator.

The Approval Committee will be evaluating the Concept Paper to determine the project's suitability with respect to the aims of the course. The project's purpose, rationale, scope and relevance to audience will be reviewed by the Committee and the results returned to the Facilitator for transmission to the student. Since the Concept Paper must be approved by the Committee in order for students to progress within the course, it is essential for students to have consulted with an approved Supervisor prior to submitting the Concept Paper to ensure that project concepts are appropriate and feasible.

Note: Before the Concept Paper is submitted, students must ensure that their Supervisor e-mails the Course Facilitator confirming that they have been consulted on and approved the concept. Concept Papers will not be reviewed by the Approval Committee without Supervisor confirmation.