Course Outline

Course Outline

MSTM 410A/410B is designed to encourage independent study. This is a practical two-part course designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills from their technical specialty areas and from other courses in the Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Maritime Studies Programs to the identification and resolution of a problem.

Therefore, the chosen project should provide a link between the courses of the Technology or the Bachelor or Maritime Studies programs and the student's technical background. MSTM 410A/410B provides the opportunity to carry out in-depth and guided study into a technical topic of relevance or interest to the student, but with a slightly broader context.


This course is structured such that by the end of the semester students will have completed a formal project proposal, which they will then implement in MSTM 410B.

The students will demonstrate:

  • The ability to develop and monitor project timelines.
  • Competency in the writing of concept papers and project proposals.

The following activities will occur during this course:

  • Identification of a Supervisor.
  • Development of a concept paper in conjunction with the Facilitator and Supervisor.
  • Compilation of an annotated bibliography.
  • Development of the methodology and timeline for the project.
  • Development of a formal proposal.

Following the successful completion of MSTM 410A (during which students will have identified a project and defined and completed a project proposal) students, working under the guidance of their Supervisors, will implement the project and document its results through a Technical Report.

The Technical Report should reflect the growing professional development of the student and, as a minimum requirement, the student will demonstrate:

  • The ability to analyze a significant issue/problem related to the student's experience in the work environment / technical area.
  • Competence in research and problem solving.
  • A high level of competence in producing a professional technical report.
  • A high level of competence in written communication skills.