Examiner Information

Examiner Role

An examiner, who will evaluate the Final Project Report submitted at the end of MSTM 410B, will be determined primarily through Facilitator consultation with the Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Maritime Studies Program Coordinators. The approved Examiner will provide 40% of the overall grade. The Examiner will submit the grade to the Facilitator who will combine all grades (Facilitator, Supervisor, and Examiner) totalling 100% of the course. The Examiner must use the rubric provided to evaluate the Final Project Report.

Independent examiners will review the capstone report's academic rigour and integrity, and will assess the project in the following areas:

  • Literature and Technical Content
  • Topic and Scope
  • Topic Investigation
  • Methodology
  • Quality and Presentation of Content
  • Originality of Contribution
  • Suitability for Publication

Examiner Rubric

Note 1: Although Examiners may consult with the Course Facilitator, they do not meet with individual students.

Note 2: Examiners will not be approved if the potential for a conflict of interest exists. Thus, Examiners may not be in any way associated with the project conducted by the student, either as a cited source or as an advisor or consultant on the subject and/or topic.

Note 3: If a nominee for Independent Examiner is not currently associated with a university, he or she should have some previous university affiliation, supported by a Curriculum Vitae or a statement outlining the relevant qualifications of the nominee.‌

Examiner Remuneration

An honorarium of $100 per report is paid to each Examiner following submission of grades and rubric via email to the Facilitator, usually in the academic term following the student's successful completion of the program.

Honorariums for Examiners who are Marine Institute personnel are transferred into a special purposes account for scholarly activities, following the student's submission of the Final Project Report for examination at the end of MSTM 410B and the return of the Examiner's grade.

Honorariums for Examiners who are non-Marine Institute personnel, including faculty from Memorial University, are paid directly to the Examiner, following the student's submission of the Final Project Report at the end MSTM 410B.

Examiner Criteria

Each Supervisor is responsible for providing the name of one suitable and agreeable potential candidate for the Final Project Report upon request only. Note that the Examiner suggested by the Supervisor may, after review, be deemed unacceptable as the final Examiner of the Final Project Report in MSTM 410B. The Examiner is preferably from industry but may be someone from a post-secondary institution.

The Examiner must

  • have a minimum of an undergraduate degree + 5 years relevant work experience.
  • have appropriate knowledge and experience about the project topic area.
  • not be a direct co-worker to the student although he or she may be a manager to the student.
  • not be related to the Supervisor or student.
  • not be a current instructor to the student.

The Examiner is preferably from Industry but may be someone from a post-secondary institution.

Required Examiner information:

  • Name;
  • Title/position held;
  • Company name, mailing address and telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Pertinent academic background.