Facilitator Role

Roles and Responsibilities - The Role of the Facilitator

The Facilitator will provide direction and support to students completing the various components of MSTM 410A/410B, and offer guidance on the written development of the proposal and project report.

Throughout the two courses, the Facilitator will:

  • Consult with students regarding the choice of a Supervisor as needed, and approve or reject supervisors based on the previously mentioned criteria.
  • Audit student-supervisor meeting results as necessary.
  • Notify students regarding the approval of the Concept Paper and provide feedback as appropriate.
  • Review and grade students' Concept Paper, Annotated Bibliography and Project Proposal in MSTM 410A.
  • Review and evaluate a Revised Proposal, a partial submission and the final project report for MSTM 410B and provide a portion of the student's final mark prior to the report's submission for independent examination.