Supervisor Criteria

Supervisor Criteria

Each student enrolled in MSTM 410A is responsible for selecting a project Supervisor who will oversee the technical progress of the project through to the completion of MSTM 410B. The Supervisor should be someone who is interested in your topic, is prepared to offer the time required to assist you with this project, and does not present a conflict of interest such as being a direct or extended family member. Ideally, the Supervisor should be selected prior to registering for MSTM 410A.

It is critical for the Supervisor to have the appropriate academic and technical qualifications required to constructively advise students on project development. Therefore, the Supervisor must have technical experience in the project topic area and meet at least one of the following levels of proficiency in the area of technical expertise:

  • PhD;
  • Master's Degree + 3 years relevant work experience;
  • Bachelor's Degree + 5 years relevant work experience.

Students should look to educational institutions, local companies, and industry organizations for an appropriate Supervisor. The ideal Supervisor would be a faculty member in a college/university or a manager of a company/organization such as a current/former place of employment.

Note: Students are not provided with a list of potential project Supervisors nor will a Supervisor be appointed for them. It is the student's responsibility to select an appropriate Supervisor.

Students are required to provide the following information about their project Supervisors to the Course Facilitator, within the first two weeks of class if possible, but no later than the second week of class:

  • Name;
  • Title/position held;
  • Company name, mailing address and telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Pertinent academic background.