Supervisor Role and Remuneration

Roles and Responsibilities - The Role of the Supervisor

The project supervisor will act as a technical consultant and guide to the student. To that end, the qualifications of the Supervisor should reflect both an appropriate level of education - at least to the undergraduate degree level - and technical experience in the project topic area. Provision can occasionally be made for supervisors without an undergraduate degree, on a case-by-case basis (this must be discussed with the course Facilitator), however, Supervisors are generally required to meet the proficiency requirements, and will be approved on these criteria by the Facilitator.

The Supervisor will assist the student in creating the Concept Paper and in completing the project report in a clear and concise way, using guidelines provided by the course Facilitator. He or she will also check and approve the Concept Paper, and the Project Report for independent examination, before they are submitted by the student. During the student's time enrolled in MSTM 410A/410B, the Supervisor will participate in a minimum of 10 face-to-face meetings, or other types of interactive communication with their student(s). Results and minutes of these meetings are to be recorded and will be selectively audited by the course Facilitator.

During MSTM 410A, the Supervisor agrees to:
  • Review the course description for MSTM 410A/410B. Refer to the Overview page.
  • In conjunction with the Facilitator, provide regular feedback and suggestions for project improvements to the supervised student
  • Meet regularly with the student(s) being supervised, and record meeting details.
  • Perform the following duties:
    • Evaluate the following submissions according to Facilitator guidelines and in line with Memorial University's academic regulations regarding the grading of student work (provided by Facilitator);
      • Annotated Bibliography;
      • Methodology and Timeline;
      • Proposal;
    • Submit grade and feedback to Facilitator within one week of each submission deadline.
During MSTM 410B, the Supervisor agrees to:
  • Perform the following duties:
    • Continue to provide, in conjunction with the Facilitator, regular feedback and suggestions for project improvements to the supervised student.
    • Evaluate and suggest revisions for a copy of the full Project Report for the student(s) supervised, before it is submitted for independent examination.
    • Continue to keep records of meetings with the student(s) being supervised.
    • Submit grade and feedback to Facilitator within one week of each submission deadline.
  • Provide the Facilitator and the Coordinator of Advanced Programs with the following information:
    • his or her name and contact information for remuneration purposes.
    • the name of one suitable and agreeable potential Examiner for the Final Project Report upon request only. Note that the suggested name may not be used as the final examiner of the Final Project Report in MSTM 410B; the final decision rests with the Facilitator and Coordinator.
Supervisor Remuneration

Supervisors are given an honorarium of $500 per student supervised.

Honorariums for Supervisors who are Marine Institute personnel are transferred into a Faculty Research and Educational Trust in accordance with established University Policy and Guidelines following the student's submission of the Final Project Report for examination at the end of MSTM 410B.

Honorariums for Supervisors who are non-Marine Institute personnel, including faculty from Memorial University, are paid directly to the Supervisor following the student's submission for examination of the Final Project Report at the end of MSTM 410B.