Quality Management

Quality Management - Post Graduate Certificate
Skills and Interests

You’re a business professional looking to hone your skills in the areas of management practices and efficiencies.

Work Environment

Senior management in the private and public sector.

Program Location:

Delivered Online

Program Length:

Four online courses


Application Deadline:

Fall:  Application acceptance is ongoing

Program Description

In the program you'll learn specifics about quality management, project management, quality assurance and production management.

After all of your credits are earned, you'll have gained an understanding of important management principles and how they can be applied to your particular area of interest.

Program Structure

This theory-based, program consists of four courses. See 'Courses' above for more information.


A Bachelor's degree, diploma of technology or a combination of work experience and formal education acceptable to the Admissions Committee.

What Alumni Say

"I enjoyed every minute of the program. The instructors were great and I found the course material to be very relevant to my job.”

-Paula Chaplin