Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

To be eligible for the Post Graduate Certificate in Quality Management, candidates must successfully complete the following program of study:

  • one required course and three electives
  • registered students with full time employment should be able to complete this fully online program in one academic year
  • the elective course selection will expand to include a wide range of disciplines as the program progresses

List of course offerings

MIPG 4100M Quality Management

Core Course (required by all) Practitioners in corporate settings will find this course a useful guide to understanding and implementing total quality in existing organizations. The course focuses primarily on the theories, principles, and various elements within the total quality approach to quality management.

Topics include:

  • Total Quality Approach to Quality Management
  • Quality and Global Competitiveness
  • Strategic Management
  • Planning and Execution for Competitive Advantage
  • Quality Management, Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Partnering and Strategic Alliances
  • Quality Culture: Leadership and Change
  • Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Loyalty
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Team Building and Teamwork
  • Effective Communication
  • Education and Training
  • ISO 9000 and Total Quality: The Relationship
  • Overview of Total Quality Tools
  • Continual Improvement
  • Implementing Total Quality

MIPG 4101M Technical Communication for Quality Management

Elective Courses (three required) This course is intended to enable students to enhance their technical communication skills.Students will apply technical communication fundamentals to the development of technical proposals, reports, presentations, and documents, preferably related to quality management, if possible.

Topics include:

  • Technical Communication
  • Technical Research
  • Technical Proposals
  • Technical Applications
  • Technical Reports
  • Technical Graphics
  • Technical Presentations

MIPG 4102M Food Safety Systems

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the various food safety systems that exist within the Canadian food industry.

Topics include:

  • Food Law
  • Food Plant Sanitation
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  • Food Safety Enhancement Program
  • Quality Management Program
  • Food Recalls
  • Food Security
  • Food Traceability

MIPG 4103M Technical Problem Solving

This course is designed to provide participants with various creative problem-solving techniques that are used to analyze and solve technical problems that occur in industry. It fosters both the use of creativity and technical knowledge to increase an individual’s problem solving skills.

Topics include:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Problem Definition
  • Generating Solutions
  • Decision Making
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Crisis Management and Crisis Leadership

MIPG 4104M Quality Assurance in the Food Industry

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the various elements necessary in the design and implementation of a quality assurance program for the food industry.

Topics include:

  • Quality and the Food Industry
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Specifications
  • Raw Material/Ingredient Supplier Certification
  • Process Control
  • Product Quality Audits; and Quality Assurance Documentation System
  • ISO and the Food Industry

MIPG 4105M Introduction to Process Control

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the various elements necessary in the design and implementation of statistical process control.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Statistical Quality Control
  • Statistical Methods
  • Useful in Quality Control
  • Acceptance Sampling
  • Basic Methods of Statistical
  • Process Control; Control Charts for Variables
  • Control Charts for Attributes
  • Process and Measurement System Capability Analysis

MIPG 4106M - Project Management Fundamentals

 This is a course in the fundamentals of the profession of Project Management. The objective of this course is to introduce students to the processes and tools involved in initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects.

Topics include:

  • The Project Management Context
  • Project Leadership
  • Scope Management
  • Risk Management
  • Selection and Budgeting
  • Cost Estimation
  • Project Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Project Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Closeout and Termination

MIPG 4107M - European Food Law

The course is developed and delivered in partnership with the Food Technology Centre at St. Angela’s College in Sligo, Ireland (a College of the National University of Ireland, Galway). This course will provide participants with a thorough and in-depth understanding of the elements of European (EU) Food Law including aspects of food science, health, law, ethics, policy, economics and politics.

Topics include:

  • European Union and Principles of EU Food Regulatory Affairs
  • Trade and Free Movement of Food in the EU
  • International Influences on EU Food Law
  • European Food Safety Authority
  • Precautionary Principle
  • EU Food Hygiene, Food Safety Legislation and Food Quality
  • EU Food Standards, Food Labelling and Naming of Foods
  • Nutritional Food Law in the EU
  • Food Additives
  • Food and Health - Functional Foods
  • Genetic Modification of Foods
  • Organic Food Production
  • Artisan and Speciality Foods

MIPG 4108M – ISO Management Systems

This course is designed to introduce internationally developed management systems to students. The course provides learning opportunities around the application of these systems and the procedures followed for their implementation in different firms and institutions.

Topics include:

  • Background
  • ISO Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14000 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System