Technology Management (Aquaculture Technology)

Technology Management (Aquaculture Technology)

– Master’s Degree

Skills and Interests

You have a strong technology background and are ready to manage the challenges of the dynamic and technologically innovative aquaculture industry.

Work Environment

Aquaculture corporations and organizations with senior executive and a technology aspect.

Program Location:

Delivered Online

Program Length:

24 credit hours for Major Paper option (delivered online), 30 credit hours for Comprehensive Course option (delivered online)


Program Booklet
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Application Deadline:

Fall:  May 15
Winter: September 15

Program Description

In this program, courses focus on strategic planning, decision-making, aquaculture technology management and the structure and operations of technology-based organizations. The courses included as part of the Master of Technology Management (Aquaculture Technology) program are technology- and business management-based. The program’s elective options allow students the opportunity to focus on particular areas within aquaculture technology.

Program Structure

The program’s 10 courses translate to 30 credit hours of course work to be completed by students. Two primary course options exist: two compulsory courses with eight electives or two compulsory courses with six electives and an aquaculture management project.

  • A post-graduate aquaculture credential, aquaculture focus in a completed undergraduate degree, or significant professional experience in the aquaculture industry.
  • Applicants must meet the general admission requirements of Memorial University’s School of Graduate Studies.
What Alumni Say

“This program has allowed me to improve my portfolio and advance my career development. The flexibility of an online program appealed to my busy lifestyle.”

- Sheldon George