Fire Pumper Driver/Operator

Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement NFPA 1002 Certification Testing Available Upon Request


High School Graduation Basic Firefighting course (2 day minimum) Valid drivers licence with air brake endorsement NFPA 1002 Certification Testing Pre-requisites (as outline by Fire and Emergency Services NL): NFPA 1001, Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications, Firefighter I Valid Driver’s License with air brake endorsement

Course Description

This course is designed to give students the knowledge to operate and to maintain a fire pumper in safe working condition.

Course Outline

1.0   The Driver/Operator

2.0   Types of Fire Apparatus Equipped with a Fire Pump

3.0   Introduction to Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance

4.0   Operating Emergency Vehicles

5.0   Positioning Apparatus

6.0   Fire Pump Theory

7.0   Operating Fire Pumps

8.0   Static Water Supply Sources

9.0   Relay Pumping Operations

10.0 Water Shuttle Operations

11.0 Foam Equipment and Systems

12.0 Apparatus Testing

13.0 What is Water and Where it Comes From

14.0 Fire Hose Nozzles and Flow Rates

15.0 Theoretical Pressure Calculations

16.0 Fire Ground Hydraulic Calculations

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Course Section List

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