Fast Rescue Boat STCW'95 A-VI/2-2

Certificate Awarded

Transport Canada Training Certificate


    16 years of age;
    Valid Transport Canada Seafarer’s Medical;
    MED A1- Basic Safety or STCW Basic Safety or Basic Survival Training (or equivalent);
    Candidate Document Number (CDN) obtained from Transport Canada – (709) 772-5167

Course Description

This course is designed to provide personnel with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary to participate as members of Fast Rescue Boat in accordance with STCW ‘95 A-VI/2-2.

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction and Safety, Construction and Outfit of Fast Rescue Boats and Individual Items of Their Equipment

2.0 Particular Characteristics and Facilities of Fast Rescue Boats

3.0 Navigational and Safety Equipment Available in a Fast Rescue Boat

4.0 Safety Precautions During Launch and Recovery of a Fast Rescue Boat

5.0 How to Handle a Fast Rescue Boat in Prevailing and Adverse Weather and Sea Conditions

6.0 Procedures for Righting a Capsized Fast Rescue Boat

7.0 Search Patterns and Environmental Factors Affecting Their Execution

8.0 Assessment of the Readiness of Fast Boats and Related Equipment for Immediate use

9.0 Knowledge of the Maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Normal Inflation and Deflation of Buoyncy Compartments of Inflated Fast Rescue Boats

10.0 Methods of Starting and Operating a Fast Rescue Boat Engine and its Accessories

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Course Section List

Start DateEnd DateDaysHoursLocationCostRegister
19 Feb 201822 Feb 2018428Holyrood Marine Base$3525.00
20 Mar 201823 Mar 2018428Holyrood Marine Base$3525.00
03 Apr 201806 Apr 2018428Holyrood Marine Base$3525.00