Continuing Proficiency in Lifeboat Launching and Operation for Offshore Petroleum Installation Lifeboat Coxswains

Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Participation*;
* Students must complete practical exercises to the satisfaction of the instructor and have 100% attendance.


    Valid Lifeboat Coxswain Certificate or Valid Lifeboat Helmsman Certificate;
    Valid Basic Survival Training Certificate;
    Valid CAPP Medical

Course Description

This is a refresher course designed to review selected knowledge, and to provide practice in skills, related to launching and operating lifeboats.  The course provides an alternate means for currently active offshore petroleum installation lifeboat coxswains to maintain proficiency in lifeboat launch and operation in lieu of actual offshore launch and use of lifeboats.

Course Outline

1.0 Lifeboat

2.0 Launching System

3.0 Operations and Procedures

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Course Section List

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