Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW'95 VI/3 and Officer Certification)

Certificate Awarded

Transport Canada Training Certificate


A person must be at least 16 years of age to take the AFF course. Marine Institute approved Medical Clearance Marine Institute Approved Fit Testing STCW Basic Safety (or equivalent)

Course Description

This is an advanced Marine Fire Fighting course designed to meet STCW Regulation VI/3 Advanced Fire Fighting and requirements under the Canadian Marine Certification Regulations up to the Chief Officer/Second Engineer level.

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction, Safety and Principles

2.0 Training of Seafarers in Fire Fighting

3.0 Fire Fighting Process Hazards

4.0 Ventilation Control Including Smoke Extraction

5.0 Monitoring and Control of Stability during Fire Fighting

6.0 Response of Bridge, Deck and Engine Room Watch Officers to Emergencies

7.0 Emergency Response Team Leadership

8.0 Plan of Attack for On-scene Fire Fighting Leaders

9.0 Co-ordination of Shipboard Fire Fighting

10.0 Co-ordination with Shore-Based Fire Fighters

11.0 Management and Control of Injured Persons

12.0 Fixed Fire Detection and Extinguishing Installations

13.0 Inspection and Maintenance of Emergency Equipment

14.0 Incident Investigation and Reporting

15.0 Crowd Management

16.0 Search and Rescue

17.0 Communications

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Course Section List

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