Fall Protection Recertification (WHSCC Approved)

Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement **NOTE:  Recertification required EVERY THREE YEARS


Valid Fall Protection Certificate (2 day approved by WHSCC)

Course Description

This course will enable the participant to identify and safely use the proper equipment for fall protection in the workplace. This course will meet the Fall Protection Certification Training Standard for Workplace Health and Safety Compensation Commission (WHSCC).

Course Outline

1.0 Fall Protection Regulations and Standards

2.0 Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems

3.0 Components of a Fall Arrest System

4.0 Inspection of a Fall Arrest System

5.0 Assembly and Donning of a Fall Arrest System

6.0 Fall Protection Plan

7.0 Fall Protection System Forces and Calculations

8.0 Accident/Incident investigation

9.0 Rescue Considerations

10.0 Case Studies

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Course Section List

Start DateEnd DateSessionsHoursLocationCostRegister
01 May 201801 May 201818Stephenville Safety & Emergency Response Training Centre$165.00