SEN Limited (SEN-L)

Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement
Transport Canada Training Certificate  


Participants must have prior training in topics such as basic Chart Work and Navigation Safety as evidenced by:

  • Having attended a Marine Institute course in Chart Work and Navigation Safety;
  • Having successfully challenged a Transport Canada Exam in Chart Work and Navigation Safety

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with knowledge of SEN L principles, the ability to use this knowledge, and the skill required for the proper operation of typical navigation electronic equipment found on board a coastal vessel.


Course Outline


2.0 RADAR Plotting

3.0 LORAN-C System

4.0 GPS and DGPS

5.0 Marine Compasses

6.0 Echo Sounders

7.0 Electronic Charting Systems

8.0 Situational Awareness

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Course Section List

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