General Seamanship, (FM4-0)

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Course Description

This course is specifically directed towards fishing vessel operators and deals with the Canada Shipping Act and pursuant regulations and application of prudent seamanship techniques as it applies to fishing vessels and their crews at sea.

Course Outline

1.0 Validity of Various Certificates of Competency Under the Marine Personnel Regulations
2.0 Lifesaving and Distress Signals
3.0 Muster Lists, Safety Drills and a Review of the Boat and Fire Drill and Means of Exit Regulations
4.0 Ship Handling in Various Conditions
5.0 Weather Forecasting and Meteorological Systems
6.0 Safe Working Practices Including a Review of the Safe Working Practices Regulations
7.0 Heavy Weather Operations and Precautions
8.0 Emergency Response to Fire, Collisions, Flooding and Others
9.0 Pollution Prevention and Applicable Regulations and Procedures
10.0 Responsibilities and Duties of the Owner, Master and Crew Under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001

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Course Section List

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