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Course Description

The overall objective of this course is to enable participants to develop a better appreciation of the coastal, ocean and maritime sectors while enhancing their English language skills. The goal is to provide participants whose primary language is not English, but who are learning the English language. A practical, hands-on, student-centered approach using informational field trips will be utilized. The international students will experience an applied and practical investigation of the major topic areas. The program has been designed with the international student in mind recognizing the challenges of learning in a second language environment.

Course Outline

1.0 Fisheries, Aquaculture and the Marine Environment
2.0 Maritime Studies
3.0 Ocean Technology
4.0 Ocean Safety

ATTENTION: Your acceptance notification will be E-mailed to the E-mail account you provide during the registration process. Please remember to check your Junk E-mail folder for any communications that may have been filtered to that location.

Minimum class sizes are required to deliver courses, should these minimums not be achieved classes could be postponed or rescheduled.

Course Section List

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There are no sections available for this course. Some courses are based on public/industry interest.Please fill out our course communication form to express interest in this course which will help us in organizing future sections.