SEN-M (Simulated Electronic Navigation - Management)

Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement


Students must have successfully completed the following training courses and examinations prior to registering for the SEN-M training course: 1) Simulated Electronic Navigation Operational Level (SEN-O) or
    Simulated Electronic Navigation Fishing (SEN-F); and 2) A Certificate of Competency:
    OOW; or
    OOW-NC; or
    Master 500 Gross Tonnage, Domestic; or
    Fishing Master; Limited Waters; or
    Fishing Officer, Unlimited Waters; or
    Fishing Officer, Limited Waters; and 3) 6 months of sea service at the officer or Master Level NOTE: A thorough knowledge of ECDIS will be beneficial before taking this course.

Course Description

The course will cover the requirements of the Standards of Training Certificate and Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention of 1978. To provide to the student sufficient knowledge to make appropriate decisions in complex navigational situations including navigation emergency situation, to effectively plan, organize and manage a bridge team, to comply with the standards regarding watchkeeping and to handle the maneuver of a large vessel in confined water in a simulated environment. Also, the student will be able to effectively coordinate a search and rescue operation. At the end of the training, the student will prepare and execute a voyage plan from berth to berth using the necessary instruments and publications while assuming the duties and responsibilities of the master aboard ships having specified manoeuvring characteristics

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction
2.0 ARPA
3.0 Electronic Systems for Navigation and Watchkeeping
4.0 Vessel Manoeuvres
5.0 Principles of Watchkeeping
6.0 Resource Management
7.0 Passage Planning
8.0 Vessel Emergencies

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Minimum class sizes are required to deliver courses, should these minimums not be achieved classes could be postponed or rescheduled.

Course Section List

Start DateEnd DateHoursLocationCostRegister
25 Oct 202118 Nov 2021126Marine Institute Ridge Road$2300.00
29 Nov 202122 Dec 2021126Marine Institute Ridge Road$2300.00