MED A1 (Basic Safety Course)

MED A1 (Basic Safety Course)

Course Facilitator:

Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC)
Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre (SERT)
Lewisporte Regional Fisheries and Marine Centre

Course Location:

Foxtrap (OSSC)
Stephenville (SERT)

Certificate Awarded:

Transport Canada Training Certificate


20 hours


$710 (on campus) / $940 (field)


Medical clearance according to the Marine Institute Medical Policy.

Type and Purpose

This course is designed to provide seafarers with the minimum knowledge of emergency response required to safely work aboard a vessel according to the Transport Canada course syllabus in Marine Publication TP 4957.

Course Topics

  • Introduction and Safety
  • Hazards and Emergencies
  • Emergency Response
  • Firefighting
  • Lifesaving Appliances and Abandonment
  • Survival
  • Rescue