Service Award

Marine Institute Award for Exceptional Service

Do you know a staff member or colleague whose contributions make a difference to the Marine Institute and/or the university communities? Someone who goes over and above what is required in their role at MI? Who regularly and consistently exceeds expectations? Someone who inspires others? Who has a willing and helpful attitude? A can-do approach? Someone who is always ready to pitch in, to help make a difference? Who fosters an environment where others thrive? Who shows respect and consideration for others? Someone who improves the lives of staff, faculty, students, alumni, clients, and/or visitors?

Take a look around. Do you see anyone exceptional? Tell us about them. Help recognize these individuals and their contributions to the Marine Institute and University communities by nominating them for the Marine Institute Award for Exceptional Service. The process is simple; in only three steps, you can highlight exceptional people and acknowledge their important contributions.

The award is open to currently employed non-instructional employees at the Marine Institute (including members of NAPE 7850, Research and Technical Personnel, and non-bargaining staff members) who have been employed at the Marine Institute for a minimum of three years before the nomination and who have not previously received the award. A person may be nominated multiple years providing they have not received this award. 

Completed nominations packages must be submitted electronically to no later than May 17, 2024.

Marine Institute Award for Exceptional Service – Nomination Form

Marine Institute Award for Exceptional Service – Terms of Reference and Information Sheet

Sample Letter of Support