Fire Officer - Level I

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Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement Note:  NFPA 1021 Certification Testing Available Upon Request


NFPA 1001 - Level II, ProBoard Board/NPQS Fire Fighter II, or SERT Competency Checklist;
NFPA 1041 - Fire Instructor I, ProBoard/NPQS Fire Instructor I, or SERT Competency Checklist
NFPA 1021 Certification Testing Pre-Requisites (as outline by Fire and Emergency Services NL):
NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level II Certification;
NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor Level I Certification

Course Description

This course is based upon NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications - Chapter 4. The course identifies the performance requirements necessary to perform the duties of a first line Supervisor. This course introduces the student to the basic concepts of management and supervision.

Course Outline

1.0   Transition to the Role of Company Officer

2.0   Leadership

3.0   Supervision

4.0   Logic, Ethics and Decision Making

5.0   Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities

6.0   Interpersonal Communications

7.0   Oral Communications

8.0   Written Communications

9.0   Administrative Functions

10.0 Safety and Health Issues

11.0 Organizational Structure

12.0 Company-level Training

13.0 Human Resources Management

14.0 Labor/Management Relations

15.0 Community Relations and Public Fire and Life Safety Education

16.0 Records Management

17.0 Pre-incident Planning and Fire and Life Safety Inspections

18.0 Incident Scene Communications

19.0 Incident Scene Management

20.0 Incident Scene Operations

21.0 Post-incident Activities

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