Technical Rescuer (Vehicle Rescue Level I)

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Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement
Note:  NFPA 1006 Vehicle and Machinery Extrication Level I Certification Testing Available Upon Request


High School Graduation;
Marine Institute Approved Medical Clearance;
SERT Competency Checklist for Fire Suppression Techniques
NOTE:  NFPA 1006 Certification Testing Pre-requisites (as outline by Fire and Emergency Services NL):
Successful completion of NFPA 1006, Rescue Technician – Core
Emergency Medical Responder 80 Hour course as provided by St. John Ambulance or Red Cross
Medical Clearance signed by physician only

Course Description

This is a Technical Rescuer Course that introduces the student to both the theoretical and practical aspects of Vehicle and Machinery Extrication Techniques. This course incorporates Vehicle and Machinery Extrication and Core Skill (Chapter 5) Techniques to meet NFPA 1006.

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction to Vehicle and Machinery Extrication

2.0 Extrication Incident Management

3.0 Vehicle Anatomy and Science

4.0 Extrication Equipment

5.0 Extrication Techniques

6.0 Passenger Vehicle Extrication

7.0 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Rescue Considerations

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