Emergency First Aid

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Certificate Awarded

Nationally recognized certification is issued upon successful completion of this course.



Course Description

This is a nationally recognized course delivered to either the Red Cross or St. John Ambulance standards and is design to help participants learn basic life-saving skills. Upon completion of the course you will recognize life-threatening emergencies and provide first aid until medical help arrives.  CPR/AED training is included in this course.

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction and Philosophy of Regulatory Authority (St. John Ambulance/Red Cross)
2.0 Preparing to Respond
3.0 Emergency Medical Services System
4.0 Check, Call, Care
5.0 Breathing Emergencies
6.0 Circulation Emergencies
7.0 First Aid for Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest
8.0 Airway Emergencies
9.0 Wound Care

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