Port State Control for Ship Officers and Managers

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Course Description

This course provides training for marine officers to realise how the execution of Port State Control(PSC) Inspection is done in accordance with: ¬ SOLAS 1974 as amended, chapter I,REGULATION 19; ¬ Load Line 1966,artical 21; ¬ MARPOL 73/78,artical 5 and regulations I/4 and II/10; ¬ ILO Convention 147, articles 2 and 4 and appendix. The course sets out the responsibilities, possibilities and limitations of port state exercising control and gives detailed information on what authorized officers are looking for during inspection. It also explains how to take remedial action. The course provides knowledge of general rules followed by Port State Control to target vessels for inspection.

Course Outline

1.0 Port State Control Memoranda of Understanding

2.0 International Conventions Giving a Legal Basis for PSC

3.0 PSC Boarding Priority Matrix

4.0 Preparing for a PSC Inspection

5.0 Inspection: Criteria and Conduct

6.0 Expanded Inspections/ Grounds for Detention

7.0 Statistics on Deficiencies and Detention, Common Pitfalls, and Case Studies

8.0 Deficiency Report, Reporting Procedure, and Corrective Action

9.0 Latest Developments in Port State Control

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