Port/Marine Facility Security Officer (Recognized by Transport Canada as meeting the intent of Parts A/17, B/18 of the ISPS Code and Sections 305,306 of the Canadian MTSR)

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19 Dec 202221 Dec 202221Marine Institute Ridge Road$800.00
14 Feb 202316 Feb 202321Marine Institute Ridge Road$800.00

Certificate Awarded

Marine Institute Certificate of Achievement


Course Description

This course provides knowledge to those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Port/Marine Facility Security Officer (MFSO), as defined in section A/2.1.8 (and section A/17) of the ISPS Code, and sections 305 and 306 of the Canadian Marine Transportation Security Regulations, and in particular the duties and responsibilities with respect to the security of a port /marine facility, for ensuring the development (or for developing) of a Port/Marine Facility Security Assessment, for ensuring the development (or for developing), of implementing, maintaining and updating a Port/Marine Facility Security Plan and for liaising with Company Security Officer’s(CSO’s) and Ship Security Officers (SSO’s).  

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Maritime Security Policy

3.0 Security Responsibilities

4.0 Port/Marine Facility Security Assessment and On-Scene Inspections

5.0 Security Equipment

6.0 Port/Marine Facility Security Plan

7.0 Threat Identification, Recognition and Response

8.0 Port/Marine Facility Security Actions

9.0 Emergency Preparedness, Drills, and Exercises

10.0 Security Administration

11.0 Security Training

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