Ship Construction and Stability, Level 4 (SCS 4) (Online Delivery)

Ship Construction and Stability, Level 4 (SCS 4)

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18 Sep 202307 Jun 20240Online$1090.00

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Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with working knowledge and application of stability, trim and stress tables, diagrams and stress calculating equipment; to understand the fundamental actions to be taken in the event of partial loss of intact buoyancy; to understand the fundamentals of watertight integrity so as to maintain the seaworthiness of the ship; and, to provide a general knowledge of the principal structural members of a ship and the proper names for the various parts. This course is supported by a learning management system called BRIGHTSPACE (formally Desire2Learn  or D2L). This web-based application will allow you to access all your course materials and communicate with your instructor and your classmates.  Examination must be written with transport Canada.

Course Outline

1.0 Displacement, Buoyancy, Freshwater Allowance
2.0 Statical Stability
3.0 Initial Stability
4.0 Curves of Statical Stability
5.0 Lists and Correction
6.0 Effect of Slack Tanks
7.0 Ship Dimensions and Form
8.0 Ship Stresses
9.0 Hull Structure
10.0 Rudder and Propeller
11.0 Load Lines and Draught Marks

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