Math Refresher Course (Online Delivery)

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Course Description

This course consists of a review of basic mathematical topics. It is designed to allow students to review, demonstrate and increase their understanding of basic mathematical concepts. The goal is to increase a student’s mathematical skills in preparation for examinations in other Engineering related courses and programs. This course is supported by a learning management system called BRIGHTSPACE (formally Desire2Learn  or D2L). This web-based application will allow you to access all your course materials and communicate with your instructor and your classmates.  .  

Course Outline

1.0 Basic Foundations; Signed Numbers

2.0 Algebraic Equations

3.0 Simple Equations

4.0 Factoring Algebraic Expressions

5.0 Algebraic Fractions

6.0 Fractional and Literal Equations

7.0 Systems of Equations

8.0 Graphs

9.0 Scientific Notation

10.0 Exponents

11.0 Quadratic Equations

12.0 Ratio, Proportion and Variation

13.0 Logarithms

14.0 Trigonometry

15.0 Radian Measure

16.0 Geometry Concepts: Areas and Volumes

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