Applied Mechanics (2nd Class) (Online Delivery)

Applied Mechanics (2nd Class) (Online Delivery)

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23 Sep 202406 Jun 20250$600.00

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Candidate must be at least 18 years of age Holder of a fourth-class or third-class engineer certificate

Course Description

This course is designed to cover the required topics as identified for second class engineers in the Transport Canada Publication TP 2293 – Training of Marine Personnel and delivered according to the standards established within TP 15030 – Block Credit Course Accreditation. As part of the Transport Canada Certification Preparation training for 2nd Class Engineering this course is supported by a learning management system called BRIGHTSPACE (formally Desire2Learn  or D2L). This web-based application will allow you to access all your course materials and communicate with your instructor and your classmates.   Examination to be written at Transport Canada.

Course Outline

1.0 Statics and Forces
2.0 Friction
3.0 Kinematics
4.0 Dynamics
5.0 Machines
6.0 Stress and Strain
7.0 Beams
8.0 Torsion
9.0 Thin Shells
10.0 Hydrostatics
11.0 Hydraulics

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