Supervision of an Oil Transfer Operation (SOTO) - Part A

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Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Achievement


1)  MED A1 and B2 or MED with respect to STCW Basic Safety
2)  Completion of Restricted Radio Operator examination
3)  Proof of medical fitness

Course Description

At the termination of this course, the student will have covered the basic requirements to safely supervise the transfer of crude and refined oils (a) between barge and facility, and (b) barge to other vessel. This is Part A of a three-part course. Part B consists of three months operational and supervised industry experience. Part C is designed for existing certificated personnel serving in the industry and new personnel who have successfully completed Parts A and B. This course meets and/or exceeds the standards set down in Transport Canada TP8129E.

Course Outline

1.0 Personal safety and health hazards (clothing and equipment)
2.0 Properties of hydrocarbons and fire hazards
3.0 Pipeline layouts and theory
4.0 Pumps and pump theory
5.0 General vessel maintenance
6.0 Cargo planning and calculations
7.0 Tank Barge to Tank Barge and Tank Barge to Ship transfers when not alongside a facility
8.0 General Seamanship
9.0 Practical barge session

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