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This is my homepage for Electrotechnology 1100, an introductory course covering electricity, circuit analysis and magnetism.

The following calendar reflects important dates for Primary Technology (First Year) students. If dates change or errors exist, I will change the calendar as soon as I know about them.

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On this page you will find all of the course materials, I will use throughout the term. Some of the materials (quizzes) will not be available until the work has been covered in class.

There are worksheets, assignments and quizzes. All of these have detailed solutions. There is a course review sheet (questions from 3 finals) and extra problems with answers. Although this page is meant for Marine Institute students, it contains a good problem set for anyone doing an introductory course to circuit analysis.

Any changes to the site or important course information will be shown in the Status Table. So it's a good idea to check it first when you come to the site. Site changes will also be indicated by appropriate graphics.

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Text Reference for 8th edition Floyd
Formulae **
Resistor Color Code
Properties of Common Conducting Materials/AWG
Success of Weekly Testing
Review Sheet **
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Lab Quiz Format
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** represents information I will be passing out in class.
++ represents information I have passed out in class. See me in C3207 if you did not get a copy.

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Copper Atom - No EMF
Copper Atom - EMF
Resistor Color Code Calculator
Significant Figures Tester
Significant Figures Tester
Prefix Conversion Calculator
Metric to Metric Conversion Tester
Ohm's Law and Power Calculator
Conventional Current vs Electron Flow
Battery & light bulb
The Digital Multimeter
Reading Analog Meters
Series connection of two resistances
Resistors in Series
The Potential Divider
Potentiometer (in French)
Light Bulb Simulation
Parallel connection of two resistances
Resistors in Parallel
Measuring Voltage
Measuring Current
Series, Parallel and Series/Parallel Circuits
Determine Total Resistance Game
Combinations of Resistors
Resistors in Series and Parallel
A Series/Parallel Simplification
Circuit Simulator
Circuit Simulator Demo
Circuit Simulator
Circuit Simulator - Simple circuit
Circuit Simulator - Simple circuit
Circuit Simulator - Simple circuits
Circuit Simulator - Simple circuits
Electricity Meter
Boil Water with Shockwave!
Heating effect of an electric current (in French)
Get Common Conducting Materials Properties
Multiple-choice Quiz on Magnetism
Magnetic Field Lines
Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet
Attraction and Repulsion By Magnet Poles
Interaction of Two Permanent Magnets
Magnetic Field of a Straight Current-Carrying Wire
The Magnetic Field Around a Wire
The Magnetic Field Around a Wire
Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
Shunt and Multiplier
Faraday's Magnetic Field Induction Experiment
Electromagnetic Induction
Faraday's Law Example
Faraday's Law
Induction Experiment
Electromagnetic Induction
Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
Lenz's Law (in French)
EMF in Inductors
Simple Electrical Cell

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