Vision 2020


Vision 2020, launched in 2005, presents an ambitious but clear image of the Marine Institute of the future. It was developed over a year of intensive consultation, analysis and reflection.

With the creation of Vision 2020 the Marine Institute designed an extension to the Institute’s mission to foster economic development in strategic sectors of the Newfoundland and Labrador economy, particularly the fishery and offshore, and to enable Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to participate in the marine industry and internationally.

Today, Vision 2020 engages widespread support, both within the Marine Institute and Memorial University and among external stakeholders. While ambitious, this vision for the future is simple... to be a world oceans institute, setting the standards for education, training, innovation, and research.

World Oceans Institute

The Marine Institute has developed a Strategic Plan to guide efforts over the coming years to achieve Vision 2020. The plan outlines the following Institute-wide Priorities and Strategic Initiatives that need to be undertaken:

  • Teaching and Learning:

    • Students
    • Programs

  • Research
  • Engagement
  • Conditions for Success

These Institute wide priorities are closely aligned with Memorial University’s three frameworks.

Implementation of Vision 2020 will be accomplished through a series of iterative five year Implementation Plans: