Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

The Marine Institute’s Strategic Planning Committee is a standing committee that reports to the Executive Committee.

Its primary responsibilities include:

  • Establish priority initiatives for 2016-20 for the Marine Institute, and its schools, centres, and support units
  • Develop implementation plans for priority initiatives
  • Undertake preliminary planning for post-Vision 2020

The Strategic Planning Committee has 15 members drawn from across the Institute.

Current members are:

  • Ex-Officio – Glenn Blackwood, Vice-President of Memorial University (Marine Institute)
  • Chair – Jillian Kavanagh, Manager, Office of the Vice President Memorial University (Marine Institute)
  • Secretary – Julie Fitzpatrick, Planning Unit, Administration and Finance
  • Rob Shea – Associate Vice-President (Academic and Student Affairs)
  • Gary Bradshaw – Associate Vice-President (Administration and Finance)
  • Tommy Hawco –Project Accountant, Finance and Contracts
  • Angie Clarke – Director, Student Affairs
  • Gerald Anderson - Director, Department of Development and Engagement
  • Bill Chislett – Director, MI International
  • Tom Brown – Administrative Director, Centre for Fisheries and Ecosystems Research
  • Robert Brown – Research Scientist, Offshore Safety Survival Centre
  • Jillian Westcott – Instructor, School of Fisheries
  • Brent Way – Instructor, School of Ocean Technology
  • John Pond – Instructor, School of Maritime Studies
  • Corinne Breen – Instructor, Academic and Student Affairs

The members of the Strategic Planning Committee chair five working committees, which correspond to the Institute's five priority areas identified in the diagram below.

Strategic Planning Committee